Training at home

Current situations are hard on everyone but why not take the time to use this situation to improve yourself rather then sitting & waiting for things to change

Zwift & indoor training has boomed in recent weeks but do you know what you’re doing?

Issue 1; Over training – So you’ve taken the plunge added the kit to the living room to the missus’s dismay… now you smash out a race every night with every mate you can find or individually. This type of work out is too much intensity to sustain, people train for months to have a week or two period of this type of intensity. Monitor it, Training peak is a great way to monitor it & see is your TSS ( Training Stress Score) will let you know how hard you’ve worked. IF (intensity factor) is another one to use aswell.

Issue2; Heat, Over heating on a turbo is a big thing, a fan is mandatory in my opinion. They should be part a basic part of Turbo’s indoors, with no movement and no wind ( lets not mention those pesky headwinds) Get one or even too if you struggle.

Issue 3; Hydration – Remember that time you’re missus gave out yards about having soooo many bottles but you only use one…. wellll now is the time to use em! A minimum of a bottle of water every 30 mins is good, don’t worry on toilet breaks, you sweat it mostly out!

Issue 4; Bibs, PLEASE GOD have some decent bib shorts on, even those perfectly good bike fits ( i have had one and it was great on the bike i’ve been using) seeeeem to not make much difference on the turbo, take the moments to stand and give your precious bottom a little break or get some GOOD bib shorts ( http://www.sundried.com Promo code; PTBYRNE for 50% off)

Reignite the blog

Hey folks,

Most of you that followed me on the blog on lockdown 1.0 welcome back it’s lockdown 3.0 jeeezzzz, I started this blog then and dived a bit too much into it. I overcommitted to it & said I would post every day & basically burned out. Why did I do that? Well this is something I want to address in this post.

Over compensation

What do I mean? Well lets take January 1st…What happens then? New years resolutions. The “Ooh I’m gonna completely CHANGE every thing I don’t like about myself”. We all look at that each piece of cake, that put off gym work outs, not stretching or the not giving someone the time they deserve. So we decided I’m going to change X,Y,Z.

We change multiple things at once, maybe we try to get up earlier, change out routines massively or diet. Maybe we do all of the above. We are very committed at first, have the inevitable “wooo I’m flying” feeling. Great, Good job

the list is big

Then it hits, we fall back into old habits, get tired & out comes ” oh I’ll do it tomorrow” ( Remember we changed everything and most likely adding things into our day which has been too much). This now creates an overly difficult time of trying to catch up on resolutions.

This eventually buckles under the pressure, your will power maybe holds good for longer but when you actually look at what you’ve commited to do you’re not doing it. You get fed up or frustrated and boom. It’s gone! Now we sit in the middle of Jan and back to square one.

I have done this myself, many times. Which leads me to why i’m writing about this. I want to change things, “Things” how do we do that. One at a time. Pick one, focus on it. Commit to it. Make it the goal.

One goal at a time

Habits are habits, they are things we do easily or alot. We control these. A podcast I listend to “mindset mentor” used an amazing analogy. Changing a habit is like a rubber band, when you change it first the band gets bigger & more tense. Will power pulls that band, to make that new habit a “old” habit the band needs to break otherwise what happens? Yes the band comes back to its original size. Get it? So Simple.

Using that same analogy come back to your resolutions… there is now multiple Rubber bands… ever pull multiple ones? its just multiplying the difficulty. So Stick with one till the band breaks. recover & go again! Just like Riding or Training. I’m not saying it CAN’T be done but its ALOT harder.

This comes about for everything! In Training circumstances this is why I have client catch up & talks to discuss goals & habits. We need to work on things in small manageable & achievable amounts.

So what the point of this rambling of words… maybe its for me, maybe its for you! Both to be honest! Let’s help each other out by commiting to goals that are achievable & get to our goals in 2021! If that’s help coaching on the bike hit me up, or maybe its just reaching out to talk with the current climate we all need to look out for each other!

Have a wicked day guys & girls! Be good x

New skills

With lock down it has become a lot easier to up skill. Especially with so much time on our hands. I’ll be honest I should be doing a lot more! TRX have a wicked online training programme! Check it out!

now we can work you out that little bit better

Great great tool to have at the gym or at home as it involves the core almost 100% of the time, great for us cyclist as we are very core dominated by what we do! The stability & balance gains as well are amazing using this style of training!

Check it out & see my blog for more future updates on training techniques & methods i’ll be using to make you move & feel better

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Stay safe

The “BEST” Diet

OK ok… Let’s open the can of worms… Diet.. The big question.. Is there a diet that’s “best”

In my opinion no. Why do I say that? Well if there is a “best” diet it would be used by absolutely everyone & there would be no benefit from working with your nutrition & diet.

What do I mean by this. Well we’ve all seen the Netflix documentary about vegan conquering all & being unbeatable. Now don’t get me wrong I poke fun with my mates sometimes but that’s just me. It’s a good diet if it works for you. That’s my point if it “works for you”.

Let’s take another diet vegetarian for example, I’m not going to like this diet as I like meat & fish.. A LOT. Sooo would this make me better or fitter.. Possibly would I like this diet no.. I wouldn’t so therefore it wouldn’t work for me. The same principle applies.

So what I want you to think after reading this blog is not what’s the best diet. Its what the best diets “for me” is. That means what you can stick to. Try out them all.. Maybe take parts from them all. See what your goals are. Work with your trainer or pt or nutritionist. Find what works for you.

Calories are the main things for weight loss. Macros for performance. Combined for performance weight loss.

If you need help with nutrition or anything diet related, drop me a message.

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Bike cleaning/maintenance

Following up from yesterday blog. I’m talking cleaning today. To ensure your bike however expensive or non expensive your bike is its an investment. Even if a bikes on a trainer or turbo for the past few weeks maintenance is absolutely critical.

My pride & joy gets cleaned alot 😂

Keeping you bike clean from sweat which can really do alot of damage to bars & frames without protecting them. So cleaning up that sweat regularly & using a sweat protector is super important

Sweat protector between your bars & seat post are super way to absorb the sweat that drops down.

Outside of that is lubing chains. Now the debate is, well the bikes indoors so there is no dirt & that so it’ll be fine. Now maybe yes that’s correct but you will be generating alot of heat which will wear the lube out.. So relubing & cleaning your chain & cassette is super important.

Then of course you’ve got the whole a clean bike is a fast bike. Want the biggest gains for free when racing.. Keep your bike clean & maintained will help MASSIVELY. I don’t think I’ve ever raced on a dirty bike. It’s just not in my mental capacity

So make sure that the frame is spic & span.. The group set (chain, cassette, cranks & pedals) are nice & clean. The wheels have no crap to grind the brake pads away. The brake pads are clean & clear of contaminates. The tape is clean & fresh. All these things will have your bike feeling brand new again.

Take pride in your bike

If you’ve any questions on how to do this or what to use hit me up. My ex car valeting experience comes in handy these days.

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Local bike shop support

I’m loving seeing local bike shops being sooo busy with the lockdown. They have been flying.. At least my new local at the top of muswell has been.

Support your local bike shop

They looked after me very well today & my missus’ bike last week. Super quick & good service.

My friends work in Richmond in a local bike shop so I know how hard sometimes these shops find it with the likes of huge online retailers able to spend more money or make loss on products to drive business.

Now I’m not working so I’m not in a position to spend lots of money so I get the need to save the pennies. Having said that trusting your local bike shop to maintain your bike will save you money in the long run.

My pride & joy getting some very much over due love

So if you have an old bike you wanna use again or need a new bike visit yours. Message me for recommendations on where you live in London & reap the benefits of a nicely maintained bike

Sunshine was banging today

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So folks today is the day. Starting my weekly Zwift classea with Dirty Wknd. 6.30pm UK time if you want to join in hit me up & I’ll invite you along

This is the one it starts with folks

Will of course be starting with the “ominous” FTP test. This is a hard hard test. It does take some time to learn how to do it. Reason being its 20min effort that will be where the “functional threshold power” or ” FTP” is taken.

So to do this it does take a little bit of learning of how hard. It does want to be an aerobic style test for cadence wise 95 to 100 RPM is ideal & hold it for 20mins. I like to tell people to set a pace for 3 mins & see if you can add in 5/10 watt every 2/3 mins. Why? Well what you don’t want to do Is go “too hard” & blow up.

What do I mean by blow up. Well you can hard as you can for 2 mins. Then you can’t sustain anything more for the other 18mins of the test. Remember it’s not a sprint. Not a 6 second test it’s your 20min power. You want to go hard but hold that for a sustained period of time.

We take 95% of the 20min power to set your FTP. Why? Well the full FTP test is actually 60mins. It’s usually done in a lab & alot harder. So we’ve adapted it to make it more obtainable for people & also not sure anyone wants to do a full one hour FTP test?? Only me? OK I’m odd 😊

We will then use this to set your training plan. We will be riding to specific % with regards to what training system we are working in the future. We will do a block. Repeat the test to see how it affected it. How we can improve it or do some other tests to see what training systems are your strengths & weaknesses.

We are going to train you into the best fitness you’ve ever been in 👌

Let’s smash the sessions & remember if you want specific bespoke training for you & your goals dm me or email me to discuss what we can do.

See you tonight folks

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Homemade pizza

So with this lockdown we have time to experience new things & expand our horizons.

So I tried homemade pizza as I’m rather fond of a pizza. Very easy to make even for a v unexperienced Baker like myself

Simple feta toppings

The recipe is super simple. 600g flour 1 tbsp of sugar & salt, teaspoon of dried yeast & 500ml of water.

Mix it all together till nicely spongey & not sticky.. Add flour if needed then prove for an hour or so until risen.

I have used a flat baking tray upside to act like a hot stone in an oven preheated to 250c with the tray inside. Transfer pizza over & cook for 7/8 mins depending on size of pizza.

Little more feta & pepperoni.

Topping are of your own choice.. But the Italian way they say is “less is more” simple is best.

Let me know if you’ve tried it & tag me in your insta stories

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Let’s take a moment to discuss rest & recovery.

Sleep & recovery

I’m an over trainer.. So I have a tendency personally to do too much & not recover properly or effectively. This tends to lead to me tweaking or over stressing muscles & joints which then leads to longer rest period’s as my body can’t do what I need or want it to do.

This is obviously a negative side to training. Now yes I train alot, so you ask if you’re starting out or don’t train every day etc how do you understand when you need to rest. Let’s talk DOMS

DOMs or delayed onset muscle soreness is when you work your muscle & get that very tight, sore feeling. It’s actually very normal & happens all the time. You just need to be aware of it. If it’s incredibly sore.. Stop.. Rest.. Take a day. If it’s tender but not too bad you can reduce the intensity & still train. This is basically what people mean when you hear “listen to your body”

On these days it’s best to do some mild cardio. I.e walking or light jogging or cycling. Or training very lightly. If the body isn’t there a rest day will allow your body to repair & become stronger. Rest is just if not more important then the work out.

Easy bike days with mates are my go to chill & recover days

Now what does this mean for a casual training plan. Once or twice a week say. Just allowing the day or two between each sessions is vital & planning your sessions.. So maybe a Tuesday & Friday or Monday & Thursday will be better. Then sticking it that plan.

Planning & sticking to it is of course important but also being slightly adaptable to your plan will see massive gains. Why? Well sometimes you need an extra rest day, work or personal stress? Your body is just too sore. All good reason to be adaptable & change your schedule.

For those that maybe feel “guilty” for missing a day, yoga or mobility to work on these days to remove that mental block on training. Make sure you get in your macro & good healthy food.

Get some good nutritious food for your body to recover with

So take a leaf out of my book & a do as I say not as I do moment. Take those days to recover & don’t hurt your body.

Any questions hit me up @stephenbyrnefit or my email Stephenbyrnefit@gmail.com

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Zwift training classes

Zwift classes with me

So after some faffing & debating I’m going to start weekly zwift training classes. We will do these through a meet up with Dirty Wknd & will be 45-60Mins with my own class plans.

In order to do this you’ll need to email me for the training plan to upload to zwift. No problem if you’ve never done it before I can walk you through it. Super easy just drag & dropping a file.

After that we will invite you to our meet up & then you can add in our custom work out. We will have a no drop policy so we will stick together regardless of power/speeds but all doing the same work out.

Let’s get some gains indoors

We will start & finish each block with an FTP test to show our gains & each block will be specific for a training focus.

Great way to see how my training philosophy works & meet some new people with similar goals & create that community.

Dm me or email me for the full plan & let’s start training & gaining together

@stephenbyrnefit & Stephenbyrnefit@gmail.com message me for any questions or suggestions for the first training blocks.


With these very unsual & odd times its hard to stay or become motivated. I have heard many saying they can’t get motivated as they don’t have a goal or they don’t see the reason. Sometimes its diffculty of the situation they don’t know how to start or to train indoors. They use weights or maybe never did anything before but feel now they ” should ” train.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

So let’s start with how to start training, Easy right. No it really isn’t. Sometimes someone just does not have a clue what to do, where to start, whats hard? Whats Easy? Whats a Squat? Whats a glute? Who knows. Then they dive into a world of videos & tutorials that tell you how to do EVERYTHING from calisthenics to Yoga that makes you think you’ve got no bones in your body the persons so flexible! Where do you start? Speaking to a PT, having even just a few session with one, he or she “should” be able to take you through ranges of motions that will assess your body & give you a plan on where to start, sometimes it may just be getting your body moving, NOT smashing a HIIT session.

Now lets touch on the person training, they’ve done the above. They have a routine. Very strict routine for themselves as it keep them going, they are busy etc. Now things have changed & they find themselves staring at a wall with wine & crisps wishing that they knew how to keep going. OK cool, i’ll be honest i’ve hit this stage, still do sometimes! So how do we get passed this. Thinking.. that will be the way.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

What do i mean thinking? I mean how we think of this time, its unusual to be paid to stay in a house, some of us are being paid to not work. So they sit down & resort to a previous sedentary lifestyle ( or create a new one) Why? This is a time to do something you’ve said and i quote ” oh i’d love to do that but i don’t have the time” well my friends, YOU HAVE THE TIME! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but that was my i don’t have time, a Vlog ( Incoming) & a YouTube Channel. Setting all the base for this allows me to continue it when i’m back to Third Space.

Now it’s very easy to say oh just do it, HOW do we do it? Well I’ve you are reading this it’s the start. “A long journey was started by a single step” you know the saying, so use it. Continue stepping. If you are a planner & LOVE a color coordinated calendar, bring down something into small chunks & set time for it throughout your day.

Let’s set an example, You’re not an early bird. Ok cool, it takes time & consistancy to change that, so guess what. Set that alarm for 10 mins early every day, same with bed time. Now in 2/3 weeks you’ll be getting up at that earlier time! I’ve always wanted to be able to touch my toes. Let’s get stretching them hammies every day! I wanted to do a push up, Lets work on that strenght!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So what i am trying to say is for me at least, Motivation lies within yourself. How you think of yourself & your plans or goals. Now i can help & have done for a lot of clients & members. Drop me a line & we can discuss it with a plan to help you. Sometimes its as simple as unlocking your mind, or bringing in some accountability.

So share your thoughts, share your process & most of all, Lets create a community together

#successwithsteve @stephenbyrnefit post you’re things & create what you want you to be!

Stay safe folks